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Good Things Are Given by God
Second Sunday after Trinity
Commemoration of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession
June 25, 2017
Luke 14:15–24

First Sunday after Trinity; Luke 16:19-31

The Testimony of Moses and the Prophets

The Holy Trinity; Commemoration of Barnabas, Apostle; John 3:1-15;

Don't Understand the Trinity? Good.

The Day of Pentecost; John 14:23-31;

Look Where the Light is Shining

Seventh Sunday of Easter; Exaudi; Confirmation Day; John 15:26-16:4

You are Confirmed by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Sixth Sunday of Easter; Rogate; Commemoration of Emperor Constantine, Christian Ruler and Helen, Mother of Constantine - John 16:23-30

Praying Because of and Through Jesus

Fifth Sunday of Easter, Cantate - John 16:5-15

How the Holy Spirit Works in Your Life

Fourth Sunday of Easter, Jubilate, Commemoration of C.F.W. Walther, Theologian - John 16:16-22

The Strange Way of Joy Through Sorrow

Third Sunday of Easter - John 10:11-16

Your Shepherd, Your Lord

Second Sunday of Easter - Ezekiel 37:1-14

Wake Up, Dry Bones!

Easter Sunday - Mark 16:1-8

You are Not Alone

Good Friday - John 18-19

The Eternal Worship Service

Maundy Thursday - John 13:1-15

The Eternal Serving of Jesus

Palm Sunday - Matthew 21:1-9

Triumphal Entry

Midweek in the Fifth Sunday in Lent - Matthew 23:18-19

Names for the Lord's supper: The Sacrament of the Altar

Fifth Sunday in Lent - John 8:46-59

The Eternal Word

Midweek Lent 4 - 1 Cor 10:16-17

Names for the Lord's Supper: Holy Communion

Fourth Sunday in Lent - John 6:1-15

The Word of the Sacrament

Midweek Lent 3 - 1 Cor 11:20

Names for the Lord's Supper: The Lord's Supper

Third Sunday in Lent - Luke 11:14-28

Hearing the Word

Midweek Lent 2 - Matthew 26:26-28

Names for the Lord's Supper: The Eucharist

Second Sunday in Lent - Matthew 15:21-28

Faith, the Natural Result of the Word

Midweek Lent 1 - Revelation 4:1-2

Names for the Lord's Supper: The Mass

First Sunday in Lent - Matthew 4:1-11

The Written Word

Ash Wednesday - Acts 2:4

Names for the Lord's Supper: The Breaking of the Bread